Chaos Prime



Chaos Prime is a leading provider of software-defined Autonomous Intelligence for Industrial Automation for Fog/Edge computing environments. The company’s EdgeOps solution leverages the company’s autonomic control loop technology to allow OEM/ODM, subsystem vendors, and application developers to seamlessly develop and deploy new services and applications for industrial automation systems.

The company’s software solution works with legacy systems wired and wireless. Firms are using the integrated machine learning and AI capabilities to launch new applications such as Predictive Maintenance, Remote Diagnostics and Condition Monitoring solutions. The company’s flexible software solution let’s firms and OEM vendors adapt legacy systems to autonomous systems in days, not months. These firms are using the company’s EdgeOps platform to develop and introduce new service offerings to their customers that were never possible before.

Some of the leading Semiconductor manufacturing and equipment companies along with leading industrial OEM firms have turned to Chaos Prime for their autonomous intelligence needs to enable high availability, fault detection and management with fail-operational control features that enable automation of mixed-criticality systems to their internally developed, custom system configurations that lack single vendor support.


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Chaos Prime's key management team has deep experience in developing innovative wireless software and service businesses. They have a successful track record of running both small and large enterprises serving the industrial and communications industry markets.

Chaos Prime marks the team’s fourth endeavor together launching and bringing innovative new products to market. The team collectively has more than 50 years of deep wireless experience working with leading firms such as Vodafone, Nokia Siemens, HP, and Verizon to market, sell and manage wireless technologies.

Today, the company currently has under management over 40 patents developed and pending in the areas of wireless Industrial IoT technology for use cases such as Robotics, Industrial Automation and Autonomous Cars.

Management intends to leverage these patents and future innovations to build a dominant, market leading position in the Industrial IoT market.



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