Chaos Prime

Connectivity of Things for Digital Markets


Chaos Prime provides the connectivity platform for enabling connected products and connected business processes an Internet of Things (IoT) network through its innovative, highly reliable, ultra-secure and scalable purpose-built IoT system.

The Problem
Current industrial, enterprise and personal networks were not designed for handling the connection of millions or even billions of devices transmitting small bytes of data on an automated basis. Analysts estimate that IoT market will exceed $11 billion on top end with over 50 billion devices connected to IoT networks over the five years. These numbers and the rapid growth are tremendous, but, already there’s evidence of this trend with the advent of 'smart everything' being developed.

Enterprises, governments, and individuals will be challenged with how to scale billions of devices to primarily low cost, battery-powered devices layered on top of already crowded Internet infrastructure securely. It's this integration of billions of low bit rate data, from low-powered devices, sent autonomously over a secured connection that's creating the great challenge for the remaining parts of this decade that's overwhelming markets and industries.

Current technologies, protocols, standards don't fit the bill. Existing players are scrambling to retrofit their technologies to meet these criteria with little effect. While the normal alliances and associations have kicked-off their typical decade long debates on standards and protocols discussion there's an insatiable demand for this new application. The IoT market will not be dominated by any single entity, but, instead only a co-mingling of ecosystems targeted in individuals markets and applications is the only solution for such a vast demand.

The Solution
Chaos Prime introduces a highly reliable, scalable and ultra-secure connectivity platform for IoT products and business processes. Our patented, innovative system provides a feature rich connectivity platform for the network bridging the connection between connected products and business processes. No other system on the market offers the reliability, scale and security of the Chaos Prime market-leading solution as validated by numerous pundits and wireless technology experts and company officials.

Our seamless design and integration into higher bandwidth wireless signals allows for substantially increased reliability and low interference from other RF signals to ensure the connected products and processes are communicating reliably. In addition, buried below the higher bandwidth signal, the Chaos Prime signals go nearly unnoticed by would-be hackers.

In addition, in terms of deployment and usage with Wi-Fi systems, we co-exist with Wi-Fi signal to enable a unique multi-user CSMA approach that provides 8x-10x increase in capacity for IoT messages. We embed our core technology into a normal Wi-Fi box providing a dedicated IoT channel to make ease of use, deployment and maintenance for enterprises.

Now Enterprises can get their Wi-Fi and IoT in the same box. Now CIO's no longer have to worry about adding and maintaining additional equipment to their network. We eliminate the hassles of learning and managing new protocols, base stations, and technologies. We all get and understand Wi-Fi. In fact, Enterprises can use same existing vendors/suppliers for Wi-Fi, but now with embedded Chaos Prime. This substantially reduces installation and maintenance costs going forward. Devices, products and system processes self-identify and connect to the network.

Our solution allows Enterprises to manage their quality, reliability and deployment free of third-party providers that want to manage the network and connectivity and charge exorbitant fees for their equipment and services.


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